Hydroboost Fittings and Line Kit

SKU #: AIR-HydroKit1

Manufacturer: Parker

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The Kit includes: -12 Feet of Hydraulic Hose -4 High Pressure Fittings (from the pump to the booster, from the booster to the steering gearbox) -2 Low Pressure Fittings (from hydroboost relief to low pressure side of steering gearbox) -1 Low Pressure Brass Tee Fitting (connects low pressure return on the pump, to relief on booster and return on steering gearbox to complete the circuit) ****PLEASE NOTE**** Fittings and Hose come in loose and need to be cut to customers specific length for the custom application. Fittings need to be Installed on vehicle, fully inserted on the hose and indexed to confirm angle on hose. All Crimp fittings are Parker™ Brand fittings and need to be taken to a Parker Store™ for correct Crimping. **** AiredUp.com**** is NOT responsible for incorrect crimping or misuse of Hose/Fittings. Please take the kit to a qualified Mechanic for correct installation**** If you are looking to swap your Vacuum Booster on a non GM vehicle, please email us with your year, make, model and engine so we can check the port threads on your specific application.